Taking care of Leather

Leather is one of the best natural materials available and is widely used due to its durability. Items made from it can last many years if treated with the right amount of care.

Avoid putting too many items in your bag, as the material can mould itself to fit a shape. When handbags are over stuffed, the leather surface may become permanently affected by bumps and lumps. As it is a natural material, it needs to have the ability to breathe, just like human skin. Storing a wallet made from it in nonporous covers or plastic bags may cause mould to grow. Only breathable materials, such as cotton sheets, should be used for storage.

Your handbags should be kept away from exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources. If your bags get wet, they should be dried out in a natural way in a location with a lot of air circulating. Leather conditioner can be used on a handbag or wallet after being tested first in an inconspicuous area. It will rehydrate the material to better protect it from dry environments. Certain cleaning products, such as preparations containing mineral spirits, turpentine or alcohol, as well as household chemicals shouldn't be used. Doing so can cause serious damage to the item and affect its colour.

Your items should be kept away from aftershave, hair products and perfume. Waxes or silicone are not to be used on the soft exterior. They tend to clog the natural pores and make conditioning impossible. If food or drinks have been spilled on the item, it should be rapidly cleaned with a mild soap and damp cloth. Marks from oil and grease may disappear from the surface by applying ground up regular chalk, sprinkling it on the affected area and leaving it on for a full day.

Using a conditioning cream applied on a damp cloth is recommended three or four times each year, as this helps keep the bag looking beautiful and increases its lifespan.



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